Stockings for a Redhead - Ulya I

There a redheads, and then stunning redheads.  This is Ulya I from Met-Art

Bed Behavior - Vanesa

Every once in a while I run into a girl who not only belongs on the Creame of Venus for her beauty, but also because she exhibits a behavior that I find especially... desireable in some women. For example, FTV Girls model Vanesa love to go to bed. 

Oh, did I say that she love to go to bed?  I meant she loves to go DOWN on her bed.

Amongst other things.

Now THIS is the kind of thing I like to see from beautiful, daring young women!

A Weekend In Her Cabin - Hunter Leigh

This is Hunter Leigh from Hunterleigh and she's standing in front of her cabin.  Besides being drop dead gorgeous and the fact that what I really want to do is play connect the dots with her freckles, using my tongue, I wouldn't mind spending a nice weekend at her cabin.  Or in her cabin.  Wow.  The innuendo is thick, isn't it?

Purple - Jessica Anne Marie

Playboy gives us another beauty that takes my breath away.  This is Jessica Anne Marie and I love purple.

In Need Of A Spanking - Jasmine Leah

Jasmine Leah

Spanking Universe

Our good friend Richard Windsor has gone to an extreme amount of trouble to put together a wonderful and lengthy list of some of the cream of the crop Spanking Blogs out there in cyber world...

I will also be adding it to the side bar of favorite links to make it easy to find in the future!



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